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Understanding the breadth of affordability issues in Detroit from resident’s financial health to cost of amenities to challenges renters face sheds light on the next steps that communities can take to provide more stable housing options.

The Context of the Affordability Crisis

Inclusive Growth in Detroit: Scenarios for the City’s Corridor Areas

Capital Impact Partners (2015)

These development scenarios include a variety of income mix strategies to help future neighborhood stabilization and revitalization efforts. The report includes the following corridors: Grand River/Southfield, West McNichols, UD Mercy/Marygrove, Avenue of Fashion, Upper Woodward, West Davison/Russell Woods, Middle Woodward, North End/New Center, Midtown, Southwest/Springwells, Hubbard Farms/Mexicantown, Greater Downtown, Corktown, Central Business District, Eastern Market, East Riverfront/Elmwood Park, The Villages, East Jefferson, Mack/East Warren.

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